Love Trees

Not only do they refresh our air supply and house wild animals and insects but they make great sillouetes and foregrounds for nightscapes.

A New Moon meant there was no moon to be seen in the night sky, which means very dark skys and lots of stars. The only light in my way was that of the Milky Way and some distant towns.  Occationally a passing car would drive past with its high beems and stop to see if I was OK? I mean who would be out in the middle of nowhere at middnight while the temperatures are below 1 Deg Celcius? Me!

I showed some of the drivers the photos I was taking and they’d just nod and keep on going. If only I could read their minds and know what they were thinking, or what they told their wives or friends when they got home “You know I saw this crazy guy last night, he was out with the dingos taking photos of trees…”


 I must say it’s nice to know that people will stop to see if you’re OK rather than keep driving. I do appreciate it!

This next shot was taken from a hill top, distant towns light up a yellow dome above them. I needed to find higher ground to get out the fog which had taken over most of the countryside.


Some more photos coming soon, plus hopfully my first attempt at stitching together a couple of panoramas!

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