Milky Way Slingshot

This is my first panoramic photograph. I knew when I took a single exposure of that tree that it just was not enough. I could see the Milky Way streaming from its trunk across the sky, I knew then that I had to try a panoramic, and boy am I pleased with the result.

In hindsight I see I needed some more foreground and perhaps a couple more frames on either end and oh don’t stand underneath a tree! But over all it’s what I saw as I stood there between farms on an old country road.

The panoramic shows the extent of the Milky Way along with it’s companion satellite Galaxies the Large and Small Magellanic clouds. There is also a hint of green airglow which is an optical phenomena often seen in very dark and clear skys.

The lights to the left is the town of Junee and to the right is Wagga Wagga.

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