The Valley Of The Waters

What does one do when you long for clear nights and sparkling stars but instead it’s cloudy and rains non-stop for a week with no signs of letting up? Go visit some waterfalls of course! And where better and closer to Sydney than The Valley Of The Waters, deep in the heart of the Blue Mountains 2hrs due west of Sydney near a town appropriately named Wentworth Falls.

I only took a few photos as most of the time was spent climbing down at least a thousand steep steps that led into the heart of the canyon. The heavy blanket of fog which blocked the view of the valley below and light rain didn’t help either, then the fact that by the time I reached the first waterfall at the bottom of the valley I only had a few minutes to shoot before it was time to head back up before it got too dark.

The sign posts indicate that the first waterfall “Empress Falls” is an 1hr 30mins each way, rated ‘hard’ (no question about that).

So lesson learnt, next time arrive earlier and spend more time hiking/admiring and taking photos. Nevertheless I did take a few shots and scouted a great lookout for a nightscape for the next time I return which will be soon.

This photo was taken on the way back up the Canyon from “Queen Victoria Lookout”, by this time the fog had lifted and the views were magnificent.

 Valley Of The Waters

This next photo was taken at the bottom of the Valley (pictured above).

The Valley of the Waters Creek gushes from its gorge and spills over fern-fringed ledges as Empress Falls. The falls drop 30 metres into a deep pool which locals often swim in during the warmer summer months. Given the temperature was only a cool 7 deg Celsius I decided to stay dry.

Deep in the Valley Of The Waters

Right opposite Empress Falls was a little cascade running down the side of the valley, this was my last photograph before the  climb back up the steep stairs.


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  1. Alison June 27, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

    Everything good required some effort. Definitely worth it though. These photos are beautiful.

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