Return to the Blue Mountains

The downpour continues across the Sydney coastline and a thick band of cloud covers 3/4’s of the state, haven’t felt the sun or seen any stars in weeks. All this inclement weather has forced me to re-think what to do with my spare time, usually I’d be out nightscaping capturing the Milky Way or some other distant galaxy. But unless I can punch a hole in the clouds my favourite subject matter is out of reach (no pun intended).

I enjoyed last weekends adventure into the Blue Mountains so much that I decided to head back to re-discover some more waterfalls and cascades.

This time I by-passed the Valley of the Waters and headed towards the next town up the mountain called Leura which is also known for its cascades and waterfalls.

A 30 minute walk down some steep steps and you can hear a torrent of water crashing against rocks well before you get to the bottom of the valley. Luckily the rain clouds were not discharging over the mountains so I was able to unpack my gear and take some photos. I started off taking some photos while standing ankle deep in the middle of the pool.


1. Gordon Falls


2. Gordon Falls


Then I noticed a cave to the left of the falls and knew I had to get in there.


3. Gordon Falls


Another 30 minute climb up another set of stairs and you reach the top of the adjustcent canyon wall and to an area called Sublime Point which overlooks Jamison Valley. If you’ve been to the Blue Mountains then you’ve heard of Katoomba and the Three Sisters, they’re just visible towards the centre right of the panorama (below).


Jamison Valley


Across the other side of Leura I saw some signs to the Leura cascades, there was still enough daylight left for me to capture this gorgeous cascade, not long after this last shot the fog and rain set in once again.


Leura Cascades

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