Wentworth Falls on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Despite it not having rained for over a week I was hopeful that the waterfalls would still be reasonably full and I would be able to pratice some more of my rushing water captures.

I left Sydney late in the afternoon not being too concerned of the setting sun as an almost full moon was rising and it would provide sufficient lighting during the long exposures.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the top of the Wentworth Falls picnic area car park were the posters on every corner for a missing 23 year old Garry Tweedle who had already been missing since last Tuesday night. I’m very sad to say that I did not come across him during my trek to the waterfalls, although I did find a gold button in the river which stood out as I beemed my flash light over it. I’ve since then sent a private message to the Tweedles via their Face Book Page ‘Have you seen Gary Tweedle’ in the event that they recognise it as his.

So without further ado and on a somewhat somber note these are the photos I took. 

1. Wentworth Falls

2. Wentworth falls

3. Wentworth Falls

4. Wentworth falls

The last photograph shows the planet Venus setting in the West and the edge of the Wentworth Falls. The foreground cliffs are lit by the moonlight.

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