A few months ago I posted a photo of a spooky abandoned house that I knew little to nothing about, it turns out that I had driven into the ghost town of Cookardinia and the house I photographed was in fact the ruins of the ‘Squatter’s Arms Inn’ which was built-in 1848. It closed its doors to official trading in 1925 but then was briefly restored internally when it featured in the 1976 filming of Mad Dog Morgan, starring Dennis Hopper, but more of this later…

After learning of its heritage I decided to return to take another look, camera in hand of course. It rained for most of the night and I didn’t have my hopes up but low-and-behold the moment I arrived it seemed as if the skies cleared up if only for a few moments where I just had enough time to jump the fence and take this shot.


photo 2


I would have liked to have light painted the building but time and weather did not permit me this leisure, oh well I’ll just have to come back hahaha.

The orange glow in the background is from the town of Wagga Wagga about 50kms from Cookardinia. I heard that as the town of Wagga Wagga grew and another near by town Holbrook and Albury grew the residents of Cookardinia slowly moved out. The post office in Cookardinia closed in 1976 after 103 years in service. Today only several buildings remain along with a few farming properties.

Returning from Cookardinia back to Wagga Wagga I stopped by this wonderful tree to capture the town glow, again just a brief stop between drizzle and rain.


photo 3


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