Walla Walla, Wagga Wagga, Whoop Whoop

Walla Walla is Australian Indigenous Aboriginal for ‘place of many rocks’, just like Wagga Wagga is Australian Indigenous Aboriginal for ‘place of many crows’.

Walla means rock, you say it twice and you have many rocks. Wagga means crow you say it twice and you have many crows, easy!

Across Australia there are ‘town town’ i.e. many towns with reduplicated names, many of them derived from Indeginous Australian Languages such as Wiradjuri.  Here are some examples just to list a few Bong Bong, Curl Curl, Dum Dum, Gin Gin, Mooney Mooney, Nug Nug, Obi Obi, Pom Pom, Woy Woy, Yabba Yabba and many many more.

Ask a true-blue-dinky-dy Aussie where is Whoop Whoop, and they might not be sure but they know it is far far away, however the fact is that it does not exist although some might think it does, ‘Whoop Whoop’ is used to describe any place that is far far away, perhaps whoop means far in Australian Indigenous Aboriginal, that I don’t know.

Long story but this next photo was taken somewhere near Whoop Whoop.


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