Glow Worms

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a disused train line tunnel which reportedly had glow worms. Before this I had only ever been to one other tunnel in ‘Newnes’ which has glow worms but they were very seldom, only a handful to be seen. Possibly, actually without a doubt because it is a well known location for glow worms and it attracts 100’s of tourists each week and like it or not we/humans have a negative impact on their delicate environment.

From what I have read glow worms are sensitive to light, noise,  smoke pollution and touch. They only live in specific conditions, that is dark damp caves and tunnels. They are the larvae of insects belonging to the Order Diptera (Flies). They glow in order to attract and entrap small insects like mosquitos.

Respecting their environment, these images were taken with long exposures under very low light (most of the light was courtesy of the moon). This location is known to some but not many, it has been under the radar for some time and I would like to keep it that way.

For more on glow worms you can visit this site .

 The Entrance




Tunnel Deep

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