Ready! Steady!……….Action!

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time!

Harvest Moon

But this was no coincidence. A little bit of research and planning meant that I knew the full moon would be rising over the east at approximately 6pm, the initial idea was to catch the moon rising behind the Port Botany Container Wharf (tick), fortunately Kingsford Smith Airports 3rd runway was in use which meant there was going to be a good chance that I’d catch a plane or two crossing the field of view a the same time as the rising moon (Bonus).

Below is a collection of 17 consecutive photos that I took as the QANTAS Jumbo Jet was crossing the field of view.

Notice how you can see the moon rising slowly, normally we do not perceive the moon moving along the sky but just in a matter of seconds you can see here how much and how quickly it actually moves!

(Click on the image below for a smoother animation)


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