Venus and Moon Setting under the Harbour Bridge

For the last few days the planet Venus and the Moon have been setting over the horizon together, Venus appears like a very bright star and the Moon appears as the Moon, except that in this particular phase of the Moon you can see the bright crescent edge and you can also see the rest of the Moon in shadow, this shadow is called Earthshine.

Earthshine is when sunlight is reflected from the Earth to the night side of the Moon. The night side appears to glow faintly and the entire orb of the Moon is dimly visible.


Venus and the Moon Setting under the HB


You will also notice the white streaks on the top left hand side of the bridge above the pylon, these are seagulls which flock to the bridge every night. I don’t know exactly why they’re attracted to the lights but they spend hours and hours every evening flying above the bridge until the lights on the bridge are switched off. Perhaps they’re mingling with each other catching up on the days events, spreading gossip or on a more serious note I know insects are attracted to lights so the  seagulls might be feeding on them, either way it provides a great spectacle.

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