Window Seat Please!

Two years ago while on a flight to my homeland Euskadi, I flew from Australia via Dubai and over the northern tip of Africa.

I love the window seat, I always ask for the window seat. Personally there is no better onboard entertainment than looking out the window and gazing at the earth and the sky from 30,000ft. I spend most of my time looking out the window, I rarely get any sleep as I’m 6.5ft and never have enough room to get comfortable. So I stay awake and daydream out the window.

Then just by dumb luck as we were flying over northern Africa I noticed the onboard map was showing that we were flying over Egypt, and I thought ‘what are the chances of me seeing the Nile River? After all it’s such a big river, surely if there’s no clouds between us and the ground I should be able to see it, maybe?’.

Well did I get a surprise when I saw 2, then 3  and then 4 and 5 Pyramids!!! I jumped out of my seat and grabbed my camera bag yelling ‘I can see the Pyramids! I can see the Pyramids!”. I think I woke most of the passengers onboard, some looked out their windows while others just ignored me. But nobody seemed as excited as me?

Pyramids 2

I managed to take some photos with the only zoom lens I had handy, for once it seemed as the ground was moving quickly, normally you look out the window and everything seems to move so slowly, not this time. I wanted the captain to turn around. Nevertheless I was quite happy with what I captured and I spent the next 6 hours until we landed in Madrid looking at the photos on my camera, and sometimes showing anyone that was mildly interested.


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