A Ghostly Composition

After a week of rain and clouds, last weekend I drove over 100km west of Sydney hoping to get some cloud relief and see some stars, instead the valleys and mountains were completely covered in fog. Not wanting to go home empty-handed I began to think how could I make the most of these conditions.


Well it was dumb luck that brought this composition to life. My buddy Christian and I had stepped out of the car to walk over to a lookout at the top of the mountain, honestly I don’t know what I was expecting to see. But as we turned around to head back to the car I noticed my headlights were still on, and not only that but the lights were beaming through a small tree that was covered in fog dispersing the light in all directions, just like a disco ball.

Christian was the first to grab his camera and start taking photos. I took a few steps back and took some test shots with Christian in the frame. An unexpected but welcomed result ensued, to me it looked like I’d taken an X-Ray of Christian but instead of bones under his skin it was a tripod and camera, cool! After making some fine adjustments and making Christian jump in and out of the frame half way into the exposure this was the final result.

Sometimes you just have to make your own luck and expect the unexpected.

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