An Old Haunt

The Squatters Arms Inn built 1848.  An empty shell is all that remains today of this old haunt where locals and interstate travellers between Sydney and Melbourne would have made a stop for a thirst quenching drop of Ale or Rum.

The Inn closed its doors for trading 1925 but was then briefly restored internally when it featured in the 1976 filming of Mad Dog Morgan, starring Dennis Hopper.

Morgans Inn


It is thought but not confirmed that Daniel ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan may have frequented the Inn during his life as a Bushranger i.e. Outlaw/Bandit. Morgan did not die until 1865 when he was shot dead and captured, decapitated by the Victorian Police. Never given a proper burial, his head was sent to a Biologist in Victoria to study Daniels skull to determine if his suspicions were right i.e. Daniel was more animal/mutant than human.

Below is a link to the film ‘Mad Dog Morgan’, certainly not the worst film ever made, although it could be a contender. However it is an account of a not so famous Australia Bushranger.

Here is a related link to a previous post I made with a few photos I took of Dan Morgans hide-out.

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