Shelf Cloud Over Sydney

A few weeks back Sydney copped a battering from a large storm system that swept across the inland and outward to the sea. I was lucky enough to be standing by my kitchen window when I noticed this amazing cloud formation taking place. I quickly grabbed my camera gear and raced to my rooftop for a better view.


Shelf Cloud over Sydney Harbour


With little time to spare  I set the camera up for a panoramic photograph as a single frame (above) could not do justice to what I was witnessing.

The shelf front was moving at enormous speeds, bringing with it rain, wind, hail and countless lightning strikes.


Shelf Cloud Pano


Unfortunately I didn’t catch any of the lightning strikes, and my life-preservers instinctively told me to get off that rooftop unless you want to be the next candidate for the Darwin Awards. Content with what I’d captured I returned to my unit and watched the rest of the spectacle from my balcony.

I sent a few photographs to a couple of local media outlets which to my surprise used my photos as a backdrop whilst they reported the weather.

Thank you ABC Australia for my few seconds of fame 🙂


ABC news

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