Tiger Moths Race Across Sydney Skies

Dozens of planes took to the skies over Newcastle and Sydney on the October long weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th 2014, for the Great Tiger Moth Air Race. It’s the first time the race has been held since 2003.

The event although called a race, is not undertaken as a speed race (as the Tigers are not that fast). The race winner is determined through a formula that balances both time and fuel economy. The crews, controlling RPM and route, manage the efficiency of the fuel consumption. To ensure the route distance flown by all competitors is reasonably consistent as there is a requirement to discover secret letters located along the route at strategic points.

I stood on the rooftop of my unit block in Kirribilli as I watched and photographed this amazing spectacle taking place.


Dan Conway


Tiger moth squad

More photos coming soon…

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