Motueka Shipwreck

Motueka, South Island of New Zealand. When the tide is low you can walk right up to the wreck, but when the tide is high a mirror like reflection takes over the scene. A couple of small towns glow orange on the horizon and the full moon behind the clouds illuminates the sky.

Motueka wreck


The Janie Seddon was built in 1901 in Scotland for the Government as a submarine mining vessel, and spent its early life in Wellington. According to some reports, it is credited with firing the first shots of World War II, a warning shot across the bow of the liner City of Delhi on September 3, 1939, when it was a Port Examination Vessel.

The ship was sold to Talley’s Fisheries as a fishing trawler in 1947. The coal-powered ship was not a success as a fishing vessel, and was put out of business by diesel-powered ships.

Finally Janie Seddon was sold to a Christchurch company for scrap, but Talley said the ship’s steel was so hard that the company had problems trying to cut it up, so it towed the vessel on to the foreshore with a bulldozer and beached it there in 1955.

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