Abandoned Farm House

Nightscaping lately has been far and few between, but a few weeks ago I decided to return to a location I stumbled across one time when I took a wrong turn and found a derelict farm house just off the freeway ( Outback Sunset ). My initial thoughts were I wonder if it’s still there or has it been knocked down or renovated? To my delight I found it just the way I left it almost 4 years ago.

Marulan Farm House

Not game to jump the fence 4 years ago, this time I felt more adventurous and I really wanted to try and capture it from the best possible angle. The skies played their part, crystal clear with the Milky Way just above the chimney and the Magellanic clouds (distant galaxies) floating over the old tin roof. Even the Southern Cross made it into the frame on the top right corner of the photograph.

The inside of the house was completely gutted, no doors, no glass windows and the floors were a few wooden planks held together by rusty nails floating above a false bottom floor a metre or so off the ground. 


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  1. Lucy Torres June 4, 2017 at 12:47 pm #

    SENSATIONAL!!! Love this one and the amazing red glowing through the windows…. wow!
    In awe, Lucy

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