About Me

Hi and welcome to my gallery I’m Carlos Orue an amateur photographer from Sydney, Australia.

My passions are astronomy, driving and photographing natural landscapes, I usually have my camera with me wherever I go, but recently my camera gear has increased and with it its weight so I’m not always as prepared as I’d like to be. Not a terrible problem to have to say the least.

To date my proudest moment was being shortlisted in the Astronomical Photographer of the Year competition organized by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich in partnership with BBC Sky at Night Magazine, and Flickr. Two of my images were on display during 2015 in the Greenwich Museum and included in the accompanying book published by Collins.

Some of my photos have also appeared in Universe Today, Flickr explore, Australian Sky & Telescope magazine (print only), Universe Magazine (print only) and on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and sometimes during the weather cast on television.

My photographs are available for print, contact me via social media or email me directly if you have any enquiries.