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The Tasman Glacier

The longest temperate glacier in the Southern Hemisphere. The South Island of New Zealand is unique for a temperate climate zone in that the glaciers here come almost to sea level. There are approximately 178 […]

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Galactic Centre @ Zenith

The Galactic Centre where a Super Massive Black Hole resides is seen here straight up 90 degrees in the skies zenith.

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Halo Moon

The advantages of always taking your camera everywhere you go. An opportunistic capture while my friends sat indoors playing their guitars waiting for the clouds to clear. Winmalee, Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

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One Tree Hill

The Story of my life – The skies cleared on Sunday night so I took off for a drive over the Blue Mountains. Found myself heading towards the country town of Oberon 250km from the […]

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Three Sisters

Just noticeable on the bottom right corner of the image are three tall rock formations known as ‘Three Sisters’. They are located in Katoomba within the Blue Moutains in New South Wales, Australia.     […]

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Sydney’s Light Pollution

The city of Sydney 100km west on the eastern coast of Australia obscured by the canyon walls on the left, glows brightly in the sky in an otherwise clear moonless night. Smaller towns beyond the […]

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Smokey Afternoon

The fire danger has not passed yet, just as we think we’ve beaten the busfire, the weather changes, winds increase and new spot fires ignite. Most residents across the Blue Mountains are still on high […]

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Sydney Bushfires

Right across the Greater Sydney bushfires are burning out of control. Over one hundred and fifty homes have been lost, and fortunately only one life so far. We are currently experiencing hotter than usual weather […]

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Setting Venus And The Start Of Daylight Saving

The planet Venus sets over the horizon as the Milky Way also makes it descent.     This weekend also marked the start of daylight saving, which is the practice of advancing the clocks forward […]

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Planet Crago No.2

I think I’m getting the hang of it now, this is my second attempt at creating a (for lack of a better description) Planetary Panorama. Same location as the previous one except that in this panorama I’ve […]

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