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Country Road

A crisp cold night out looking for a quiet place to photograph the Milky Way whilst trying to avoid collisions with wombats and kangaroos who just love being up and about at these ungodly hours […]

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Abandoned Farm House

Nightscaping lately has been far and few between, but a few weeks ago I decided to return to a location I stumbled across one time when I took a wrong turn and found a derelict farm […]

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The Emu in the Sky

If you look up into the sky tonight, you can still spot the Emu in the Sky. You’ve almost certainly been looking at it all your life, but you’ve probably never seen it. The Emu […]

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A few months ago I posted a photo of a spooky abandoned house that I knew little to nothing about, it turns out that I had driven into the ghost town of Cookardinia and the house I photographed […]

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Drive-thru The Australian Outback

Take a drive through the Australian country-side and you’ll notice lots of dead trees across farmland as pictured below with fallen branches littered around it, why? Farmers need to ask council for permission to remove these dead trees […]

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