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Planetary Conjunction

The star Antares, with planets Mars and Saturn form a distinctive triangle in the sky, and just below it you can also see comet which appears as a bluey green dot (later found out it’s actually called 252P/LINEAR). The moon […]

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Snuck out for a short 2 hour drive last night, just far enough from Sydney to see the Milky Way. I would’ve spent more time out but it was bloody freezing! Winter is coming, bring […]

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Milky Way over Lake Rotoiti

After sitting on this panorama for almost 2 years I’ve finally decided to share it. The fact is that my trip to New Zealand in September 2014 was marred with lots of clouds and this […]

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  Ten hour round trip = Numb bottom Minus 4 degrees Celsius = Slightly frost bitten nose Sitting back and applying some final editing touches to this panorama = Priceless  

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The Shearer’s Shed

I initially drove past this shed a few months ago during a trip into the country-side where I took a wrong turn. It took an extra hour or so to get to my destination but I made sure mark the […]

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City Of Gold

The Western Tablelands of NSW. Once the heart of Australia’s gold-rush country. Now few people remain resident in these parts. Those that do herd bleating sheep and grazing cows. One can go to these parts and try […]

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We Always Knew He Was Special

 Taken a few months ago on a road between Lithgow and Jenolan Caves, 100km west of Sydney . I have driven past this spot many times before both as a child and as an adult, never once ‘stopped to […]

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Galactic Centre @ Zenith

The Galactic Centre where a Super Massive Black Hole resides is seen here straight up 90 degrees in the skies zenith.

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One Tree Hill

The Story of my life – The skies cleared on Sunday night so I took off for a drive over the Blue Mountains. Found myself heading towards the country town of Oberon 250km from the […]

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Where-ever the wind takes me

So in a desperate attempt to find clear skies I drove out to the Great Western Plains of New South Wales approximately 350 kilometres from the coast of Sydney. Things were looking gloomy until finally […]

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