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Stanwell Park Beach

I love rainy days, it means I can sit at my computer and review old photographs. I always come across an image or two that I saw nothing in before but with fresh eyes I […]

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Moonlight Photography

One of the best times to do a night landscape photo is when the moon is at quarter full or more, a long exposure during a clear moonlit night will result in a photograph that […]

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Moonlit Waterfalls

One of the last photographs I took on Sunday before calling it a night. The wind had picked up, the sun had set, the moon was out and the stars were sparkling.

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Drive-thru The Australian Outback

Take a drive through the Australian country-side and you’ll notice lots of dead trees across farmland as pictured below with fallen branches littered around it, why? Farmers need to ask council for permission to remove these dead trees […]

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