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Carnival Spirit

Just another day in our beautiful harbour as thousands of tourist and locals walk up and down the shore line around the Quay and the Rocks. Being one the deepest harbours in the world, cruise […]

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Armistice Day 2017

Sydney commemorates Armistice Day by lighting up the sails of the Opera House with Red Poppies.

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The Sydney Opera House

There’s very little argument that Sydney has one of the prettiest harbours in the world.

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Starry Nine

Milky Way season is upon us again, I’m coming out of hibernation. 

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Steamy Sunset

Sunday the 29th of January was a hot and steamy day, I was sitting on the couch getting ready to watch The Australian Open finals when I noticed the Sun setting over the horison. Federer and […]

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Snuck out for a short 2 hour drive last night, just far enough from Sydney to see the Milky Way. I would’ve spent more time out but it was bloody freezing! Winter is coming, bring […]

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Shelf Cloud Over Sydney

A few weeks back Sydney copped a battering from a large storm system that swept across the inland and outward to the sea. I was lucky enough to be standing by my kitchen window when […]

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Tiger Moths Race Across Sydney Skies

Dozens of planes took to the skies over Newcastle and Sydney on the October long weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th 2014, for the Great Tiger Moth Air Race. It’s the first time the race has […]

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Moon and Mars Conjunction

Taken tonight in the Royal National Park south of the city of Sydney, Australia. Just by chance last night I noticed in my astro app that Mars was going to be in conjunction with the […]

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Sydney’s Light Pollution

The city of Sydney 100km west on the eastern coast of Australia obscured by the canyon walls on the left, glows brightly in the sky in an otherwise clear moonless night. Smaller towns beyond the […]

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