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A Storm Is Coming

Taken from Hordens Beach in Bundeena, just moments before a large electrical storm. Perhaps I should have stuck around for some lightning, but without any decent shelter around I choose to runaway instead.

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Sydney Bushfires

Right across the Greater Sydney bushfires are burning out of control. Over one hundred and fifty homes have been lost, and fortunately only one life so far. We are currently experiencing hotter than usual weather […]

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The Crown Jewels Of Sydney


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Fireworks on Sydney Harbour Celebrate the International Fleet Review

The 2013 International Fleet Review is the 100th anniversary of Royal Australian Navy ships entering Sydney Harbour for the first time back in 1913. It is the biggest naval celebration in Sydney since the bicentenary in 1988. […]

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The International Fleet Review Fireworks Aftermath

A cloud of smoke engulfed one of Sydney’s iconic buildings after the International Fleet Review fireworks display ended, it left a haze of smoke which drifted along the shore line and bumped its way over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and smack bang […]

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Ready! Steady!……….Action!

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time! But this was no coincidence. A little bit of research and planning meant that I knew the full moon would be rising over […]

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What is a Tor?

Last weekend I drove out past the Blue Mountains to the Historic Town of Hartley. Last time I was there I spotted a beautiful Granite Stone formation on the top of a hill just behind the village. I had […]

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One Fine Day

A typical winters day in Sydney.

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Moonlit Waterfalls

One of the last photographs I took on Sunday before calling it a night. The wind had picked up, the sun had set, the moon was out and the stars were sparkling.

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Wentworth Falls on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Despite it not having rained for over a week I was hopeful that the waterfalls would still be reasonably full and I would be able to pratice some more of my rushing water captures. I […]

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